Design Up To 5 Free Organ Donor T-Shirts


Organ Donor Needed

This billboard design is one of our most popular prints. Big bold text attracts attention. Use colors that allow the text to stand out.


Share Your Spare

Encourage the gift of giving to save a life with this design. Ready to edit with your details and the color tee of your choice.


Lung Donor Needed

Believe & Breathe with this lung donor tee. This dark design stands out on lighter tees. Customize to suit any donor needs.

The Free T-Shirt That Saved My Life. View Luis Banda's Story Below.

When Luis found out it could take YEARS to find a kidney donor, he took matters into his own hands. Follow the story of Luis and Joy, a duo with so much in common, you might even say it was fate. Who would have known that our most impactful tee, over nearly 20 years, was one we printed for FREE.

How To Find A Organ Donor With Custom T-Shirts reports over 100,000 people are currently on the organ donor waiting list, with a new person added every 9 minutes. Even with 169 million people listed as donors, only 3 in 1000 will pass in a manner that allows them to donate. Waiting for the odds to be in your favor could seem like an endless pursuit. Donors do not just come from the donor list, In fact, reported that 6,5000 people became living organ donors just last year.

Our program provides up to 5 free tees to anyone searching for a living donor and it works. Create your free organ donor shirt for any organ type. Popular donor t-shirts include heart donor, lung donor, kidney donor, liver donor, intensive donor, pancreas donor, cornea donor, and tissue donor. You can design an organ donor tee on your own in our Design Studio or have us create a custom design for you at no charge with T-Shirt Concierge.

Designing An Organ Donor T-Shirt That Works


Design With Purpose

Choosing fonts and colors that stand out will help increase your chances of being seen. The black t-shirt with white print above is what helped Luis Banda find his donor.

Less Is More

Our premade templates are simple for a reason; they work! Research says the average duration someone will look at you is only 3.2 seconds. Make it count!

Consider QR Codes

QR codes have changed the way we deliver information. Most smartphone have the ability to use them. Have a website with your story? Use QR codes to share it!

How To Create Organ Donor Shirts

Step 1) Create Your Organ Donor T-Shirt Design 

You can choose from any of our organ donor design templates or design on your own in our Design Studio. Single placement on either the front of back is a great choice. We're a big fan of Hanes Tagless tee as well. 

Step 2) Call Or Email Us For A Discount Code

In order to checkout with your free t-shirt, you'll need a special coupon code that our Customer Service team will provide to you. After saving your design, contact us and we will provide you with a code once your design has been reviewed. 

Step 3) Apply The Code

Your discount code will make your order free of charge with standard shipping. 

Step 4) Share Your New T-Shirt

Reach is everything when you're looking for a donor and we're here to help. Send us a photo of you wearing your new organ donor t-shirt and we'll share it on our social media channels. 


Why Organ Donation Is Important to Us

We read an article in the Arizona Republic about a gentleman in need of an organ donor so he could have a kidney transplant. We realized that we can help people in the same situation and we want to be part of the solution. If you or a loved one needs an organ transplant, DesignAShirt would like to donate -free of charge- up to 5 shirts per family with a one color design similar to the one displayed on this page. We can only hope to play a small part in your journey to health and healing, since that is a calling we want to participate in.

Our Design Studio has a simple text template to create a t-shirt designed to help you find an organ donor. After designing and saving your t-shirt in our design studio, you are ready to place your order and include up to 5 t-shirts free of charge. During the checkout process, on the order summary page, use the coupon code provided by our customer service team to complete your order. Please contact our customer service team for verification of your order and to receive your personal code.

When designing your t-shirt, we highly recommend that you use your personal contact information on the t-shirt rather than directing potential donors to a 3rd party organization, which may leave that donor frustrated if they don’t know who to talk to or your personal circumstances. It’s better to establish a connection with them and afterwards direct them to the appropriate entities that can further evaluate whether they could be a match for you.

Also, once you embark on this campaign, answer your phone and/or respond to emails that you list as a point of contact on your t-shirt. You never know when a possible donor may be reaching out. We sincerely hope with a little bit of our help, your story can be an incredible one, too.

We will supply up to 100 free shirts per month to those in need. We would love to hear any success stories - especially yours!

Bringing more attention to the demand of organ donations is a goal for all of us at DesignAShirt. With over 10,000 people waiting for kidney transplants alone, and the need far exceeding the availability, we believe awareness can benefit those impacted by these circumstances. Visit the National Donate Life Registry website where you can obtain information, sign up to be a donor, read inspiring stores, and watch educational videos.

Thank you, for letting us be a stepping stone in your journey. We hope that what we do can help you and your family, as we have done before for countless others.